Survey: 87% of Indonesian Companies Look at AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) which is an artificial intelligence in the system, in the next year it is predicted that this technology will be used by many companies globally, especially in Indonesia itself.


This was conveyed by Accenture, a global professional consulting and solution services company that routinely conducts surveys every year. This year they carried the theme “Technology for Humans” which involved 5,400 respondents of technology businesses from 31 countries and 16 industries.


From the survey results, it was found that Indonesia had a percentage of 87% while global respondents amounted to 79% where they agreed that AI technology would revolutionize the way they obtain information and interact with customers.



“Indonesia now feels their business will be greatly affected by the presence of AI technology, even in the future this AI will be a spokesman even though it is not literally but this is a combination of how customers will communicate with the company. In Indonesia AI will start to be popular,” said Engkun W. Juganda, Managing Director – Resources, Technology Consulting, at Accenture Office, last Thursday (23/2/17).


According to him, AI technology in 2017 will begin to reach the maturity stage and will be increasingly used in various areas and businesses. He gave an example of AI technology that has been applied one of them in the car company, where the car already exists that can drive and park itself.


Through the survey, it can be seen that there is an awareness of business people in Indonesia about the global presence of AI technology, which in the end they will get ready to make more serious investments in technology.


“The development of this technology greatly influences our lives as business people and as a society. Then this technology, especially those related to AI will eventually become very human where it will be very easy to do things that were once very difficult to do.” said Engkun.